Trump is the most dangerous leader in the world today

Image courtesy Agence France-Presse. My apologies for not knowing the name of the photographer.

Anger caused by a punctured ego causes the person to make irrational decisions. This is the most dangerous personality trait ever.

The fact that Donald Trump instructed the Republican Party to pull out of negotiations on the Stimulus Bill should set alarm bells ringing.

Did Donald Trump get discharged from the Walter Reed Hospital against medical advise?

It is imperative that body language experts analyse President Trump’s body language from the moment he walked out of the Hospital to the time he went on the balcony, removed his mask and saluted the Marine One helicopter.

Was President Trump breathless when he was on the balcony? Or was taking deep breaths because of the very uncomfortable situation he was facing?

A wounded tiger is a very dangerous animal.

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Kuldip Singh

I serve in Guru Nanak Ashram in Patiala, Punjab, India. This Ashram is a centre for Spiritual retreat and learning.