Transmigration of the Human Soul

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It is interesting that only religions (Dharma) that originated in the Indian subcontinent accept the transmigration of souls.

The ultimate objective for all humans is to obtain salvation so as to be freed from this cycle of birth and death. All mainstream religions accept the principle of “ As you sow, so shall you reap” aka Newton’s Third Law -For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

There are 8.4 million life forms. Half are in water and half are on earth. The human being is the only life form that has the ability to discern between right and wrong. The human being is the only life form that has the ability to pray. Which is why preachers in India constantly advice that being born human is a very great gift. This gift should not be wasted in the attitude of ‘eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die.’ This human life should be spent in working honestly, distributing tithes and remembering the Almighty.

After death, the soul goes to a resting place waiting to be reborn at an appropriate time. For those who commit suicide, there’s no resting place. This soul keeps darting all over the universe, in a very anguished state. These souls look for people involved in table tapping or spirit worship. They then come into the body of such people. When they possess this body, this spirit finds extreme calm. However, this spirit will have to leave this human body.

A very common question being asked by non believers or doubters -If God is so loving and forgiving, why does He allow suffering to take place?

The fact is that God does not allow suffering to take place. By our actions on earth, we punish or reward ourselves. Christians are taught to “turn the other cheek.” If somebody was to slap me, I could return this karma and slap the person who then either slaps me again or could harbour the anger and have hate in the mind. If, on the other hand, I offered the other cheek, I gain positive karma and the other person negative karma. There is no payback for me.

We are unable to distinguish whether our pain or suffering is due to actions in this life or some past life.

When I was about to start working, many decades ago, my Spiritual Master told me “ You will experience such extreme poverty that you will not be able to afford to buy a handkerchief.”

To my question,” Why? I have not harmed anyone.” The Master replied, “ In your past life, you intentionally caused someone financial hardship. As a result, this person went through very hard times. Now you will have to undergo the same hardships that this person suffered.”

If in this life, you are obsessed with acquiring lots of wealth, in your next life, you will be born a snake.

I remain in the mid-50s’, watching pirate movies. Whenever the pirates chanced upon a cave with precious stones, there would be a snake guarding this treasure.

I do feel sorry for people trying to acquire huge sums of wealth. There are ignorant that they will spend their next life crawling on their belly.

Believe you me, the Almighty’s wheels of justice grind slowly but surely. And they grind extremely fine.

From Mills of God — Wikipedia

“The proverbial expression of the mills of God grinding slowly refers to the notion of slow but certain divine retribution.

Plutarch (1st century AD) alludes to the metaphor as a then-current adage in his Moralia (De sera numinis vindicta “On the Delay of Divine Vengeance”):

“Thus, I do not see what use there is in those mills of the gods said to grind so late as to render punishment hard to be recognized, and to make wickedness fearless.”[3]

( Note) The above two paragraphs are highlighted by me.

In the 1st century AD, Plutarch was talking of the Divine Law of paying back.

I would like to share another personal experience.

Epicurus wrote:

“We are born once. We cannot be born a second time, and throughout eternity we shall of necessity no longer exist…..”

From my personal experience

In the early ’80s, I was was working in Kuala Lumpur. A Chinese lady joined the company. From the very first day, this lady was extremely protective of me.

If anyone criticized me or said anything negative, even in my presence, she would speak out, defending me. I was very perplexed by this strange affection.

I consulted my Spiritual Master. And what my Master told me surprised me.

He told me that “ in Lord Buddha’s time, in China, this lady was your sister. She still has some of the sisterly affection for you. Once she overcomes this affection, she will go her own way.”

And that was what happened.

Life is very mysterious. Life is also very precious. Do not waste this human form which the Almighty has gifted us.

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I serve in Guru Nanak Ashram in Patiala, Punjab, India. This Ashram is a centre for Spiritual retreat and learning.