The Messiah of All Religions is the Tenth Incarnation of Lord Vishnu

When Sant Mohinder Partap Singh Ji, was about 12 years of age, someone asked him,

“ People accept Lord Krishna as Bhagavan. When he was a child, Lord Krishna opened his mouth and showed his mother that the whole world was revolving in his mouth. In the person’s mouth where the whole world is revolving, such a person is beyond the sense of taste. In fact, such a person is beyond the five senses.

Since Lord Krishna was beyond the sense of taste, why did he go to people’s houses to steal white butter?”

Sant Mohinder Partap Singh Ji replied,

“Lord Krishna did not go to people’s houses to steal white butter.

Lord Krishna went to people’s houses to eat their white butter and wash their karmas.”

In Indian culture, when a Spiritual Master or a holy person comes to the house, it is customary to offer this guest milk, white butter, malai ( cream from milk), ghee ( clarified butter) and yoghurt.

By offering these dairy products to holy persons, the host has some of their karmas washed away and also receive blessings from them.

You can surf the net for an answer to this question. This answer given by Sant Baba Mohindar Partap Singh Ji is incomparable.

Or consider this advice, which itself is unique.

"A wise man once said “If you want to change the world, first change yourself"

To change ourselves, Sant Baba Mohindar Partap Singh Ji gave this advice.

In the morning, when we open our eyes, before getting out of bed, repeat 5 times, only one of the following Mantras -

All praise to the Lord. ( Christians)

Hallelujah. (Jews )

Jai Shri Krishna. (Hindus)

Allah o Akbar. (Muslims)

Jai Shri Mahaveer. (Jains)

Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. (Sikhs)

All praise to the Almighty. (For those who believe in the existence of The Unseen Force, but do not follow a religion.)

(The most elementary definition of Spiritualism - doing the same thing, at the same time, every day.)

The above mantras will become your Guru or guide as you find your way on the spiritual path.

When Sant Baba Mohindar Partap Singh Ji was about fourteen years old, someone asked him, “ You have come to this World with some specific objective. What is your objective?”

Sant Baba Mohindar Partap Singh Ji replied,

“ I have come to take the crown from falsehood and give it to righteousness.

I have come to unite all the religions of the World.

I have come to shower the World with the Name of the Almighty.”



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Kuldip Singh

Kuldip Singh


I serve in Guru Nanak Ashram in Patiala, Punjab, India. This Ashram is a centre for Spiritual retreat and learning.