Exorcism Part 2

Kuldip Singh
3 min readSep 27, 2021
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I came across this ad on Facebook.


The Art of Astral — Dr Steve G. Jones, World-Renowned Hypnotist to the Stars

This is the link to their Facebook page -


Let me be very clear — astral projection is not possible. There is astral travel. I will be writing a post on astral travel.

This advert is recruiting people into spirit worship.

What has me very concerned is the statement in the advert which says “ 1 in 4 Americans has Astral Projection on a regular basis, Daily” This, I think, is incorrect. However, it goes to show how desperate these people are to market their products.

It goes on to say -

“Yet one in a thousand knows “what to do” when they get there


If you’ve ever had a desire to visit distant places…

To travel the globe…

To go into the Solar system.

And beyond…

This is something you are going to love.”

I posted the following comment on this FB advert which has since been deleted -

“This is pure nonsense. There is no such thing as astral projection.

Death occurs when the soul leaves your body.

This whole astral projection nonsense is to entice people into spirit worship. Which is extremely dangerous. Once you let a spirit into your body, you become beholden to the spirit.”

This comment of mine ( I took a screenshot) has since been deleted.

A commenter says that “ There is always a string that connects you to it.

No one else can inhibit your body”

( I think this person meant inhabit your body.)

I very strongly feel that people of influence should stand up and educate the public at large about the dangers of spirit worship.

There are certain tribes like the aborigines of Australia and the Native Americans in the USA and other parts of the world who believe in Spiritism.

I looked up Spiritism in Wikipedia, and this paragraph is very telling -

“Spiritism is currently represented in 35 countries by the International Spiritist Council.[6] It has influenced a social movement of healing centres, charity institutions and hospitals involving millions of people in dozens of countries, with the greatest number of adherents in Brazil.[1] Spiritism is a major component of the syncretic Afro-Brazilian religion Umbanda and also very influential in Cao Đài, a Vietnamese religion started in 1926 by three mediums who claimed to have received messages that identified Allan Kardec as a prophet of a new universal religion.[7]

Swedenborg, however, warned against seeking contact with spirits. In his work Apocalypse Explained, #1182.4, he wrote, “Many persons believe that man can be taught by the Lord by means of spirits speaking with him. But those who believe this, and desire to do so, are not aware that it is associated with danger to their souls.”[8] See also Heaven and Hell #249.[9]

Nevertheless, Swedenborg is often cited by Spiritists as a major precursor for their beliefs.[citation needed]

This sentence above shows the dangers of Spiritism.

“But those who believe this, and desire to do so, are not aware that it is associated with danger to their souls.”[8] See also Heaven and Hell #249.[9]

It is not easy to change the culture of a tribe. Hence, we should focus our efforts on spirit worship.



Kuldip Singh

I serve in Guru Nanak Ashram in Patiala, Punjab, India. This Ashram is a centre for Spiritual retreat and learning.