Exorcism Part 1

Kuldip Singh
4 min readSep 20, 2021

Saint Scholar Giani Naranjan Singh Ji explained to me why there are spirits in this world.

When a person dies due to natural causes, illness or accident, the soul goes to a resting place. At the appropriate time, this soul will be reborn on earth. ( Only the faiths which originated in India accept the theory of reincarnation.)

However, in the case of death by suicide, the soul does not get a resting place. This soul becomes a restless soul, more appropriately called a spirit; going hither thither in the nether region (the lowest or furthest parts of a place, especially with allusion to hell or the underworld — Oxford Dictionary). This restless spirit is always looking for a person on earth who is involved in spirit worship.

When this restless spirit finds a person on earth involved in spirit worship, it then enters the body of this person by displacing the soul in the body. You now have two souls in one body. As long as this restless soul aka spirit is in the human body it gets peace and comfort. After some time this restless soul or spirit has to leave the human body. When this restless spirit leaves the human body, the human body is in great physical pain.

I had the privilege of accompanying Saint Scholar Giani Naranjan Singh Ji to visit the house where the lady was involved in Spirit worship. When we reached the house the spirit was already in the lady’s body. This spirit was a male spirit. The lady’s husband told us that the spirit was a spiritual soul in a previous life and would be able to answer questions.

Saint Scholar Giani Naranjan Singh Ji, for the benefit of my education, asked this restless spirit a few questions. The questions were answered correctly.

People who get involved in spirit worship are generally concerned about the future of their loved ones or their own future. This is how some of them begin to get involved in spirit worship.

I must say that I found it very strange to hear a male voice coming from a female body. As I said earlier, this was a male spirit.

After a while, the Saint Scholar commanded the spirit to leave the lady’s body and not to torment her anymore. And this restless spirit left the lady’s body.

I must make it very clear that spirit worship is most certainly not Spirituality. And being involved in spirit worship does have very negative consequences. The main one being you become beholden to the spirit. And this spirit is always asking you to recruit more people into spirit worship. This is because they find peace when they are in a human body.

These spirits become souls again at the appropriate time. By this, I mean when a soul is born, if its life span is sixty years. If this person commits suicide at age forty. Then this soul will be a spirit for twenty years.

Yes, there is exorcism.

From Wikipedia — “Exorcism (from Greek ἐξορκισμός, exorkismós “binding by oath”) is the religious or spiritual practice of evicting demons and jinns or other spiritual entities from a person or an area, that is believed to be possessed.[1] Depending on the spiritual beliefs of the exorcist, this may be done by causing the entity to swear an oath, performing an elaborate ritual, or simply by commanding it to depart in the name of a higher power. The practise is ancient and part of the belief system of many cultures and religions.

I came across this article on Medium a few days ago. -

I Didn’t Believe in Demons Until I Met One Face-to-Face by Dan Foster

From the article -

“She looked straight at me and opened her mouth to speak. When the words came out, it was not the voice of a sweet, young teenage girl who spoke. Rather, a deep voice came out of her mouth. It was, in fact, a man’s voice.

“So, you’re Dan Foster,” The voice said. “The others told me about you.”

“Up until this point, I had found this whole experience a bit creepy, but now I was positively freaked out. I was convinced that I was dealing with something supernaturally beyond what I had ever experienced before.

I mean, young girls don’t talk with men’s voices, do they? It’s fair to say that I was entirely out of my depth at this point. I felt like saying, “Sorry to bother you, Mr. Demon, sir.” and slinking off back to the safety of the campsite.

But, my friend — the other youth leader with me — was suddenly emboldened and determined to go blow for blow with this ‘demon’ in a spiritual fistfight.

And so began the exorcism.”

You can read the full article — https://link.medium.com/jxgfJuPVDjb

Spirit worship is certainly not astral travel. I will be writing a post on astral travel later this week.



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