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Speech delivered by Saint Scholar Giani Naranjan Singh Ji, on February 6, 1970, in the Inaugural Session of The Fourth World Religions conference, Ramlila Grounds, Delhi.

“Truth is one, (but) the Learned speak of it in many ways”.

Before going to the crux of the problem facing mankind, I

deem it my privilege to thank the organisers who provided

me this opportunity to meet the august and choice gathering

of the spiritually-advanced people. It is not from the point of

view of the egoistic ‘I’ that I extend my welcome and thanks,

but I think it won’t be presumptuous to say that some latent

purpose of the Almighty’s Grace is compelling us to gather

and contemplate some means to save humanity which is

presently at the brink of abysmal depths.

Man, at the moment, is at the cross-roads of Eternal Life

and utter annihilation. The destructive anarchic powers of

‘materialism’ and ‘atheism’ have been unleashed and are fast

desecrating the finer fibre of man. The ghastly infernal powers

of the fiend, to top it all, are functioning in the guise of

saintliness. So much so that even religion is being presented

in an adulterated and commercialized way. I wonder if, for

them, Caesar’s and God’s domain are not overlapping! I will

not hesitate to say that, metaphorically, Caesar seems to be

usurping God’s jurisdiction.

The root-cause of this degeneration so far as my humble

thinking is concerned, can be attributed largely to the

desecration of Sainthood and that of the sacred premises.

The responsibility for this state of affairs naturally falls on

the people who profess themselves to be saints and sages.

If people immersed in the glory of the Divine Grace cannot

check the onslaught of this putrefying malady, who is more

competent to constrain the infection?

Who, at this crucial moment, will be the blessed one to bridge

the cleavage between the is and the ought; the profession

and the practice. Of course, I am aware that science and

politics can be of some help, but still, they are subservient to

a higher faculty and need its constant check. Otherwise, they

may fall into the hands of the vicious, selfish and self- styled

leaders; who may use it, without any restraint, for worldly

purposes. Hence, these instruments of man’s progress, too,

may turn into the demonic tools causing spiritual hibernation.

Hence, it becomes our ethical and spiritual duty, at this stage

to make sincere and concerted efforts to cleanse the Augean

Stables. The first step in this direction is to see that we

no longer continue to be a burden on earth. According to

the Shastras, the real Saint is one from whom noble deeds

emanate as spontaneously as does the fragrance from the


Realizing fully well that discriminations and contradictions

are prevalent only at intellectual and sensuous levels, we

should concentrate all our energies for the regeneration of

man en masse.

Our will should rise clear above the petty considerations

of form, dress, sect or creed.

Once again, we should be rejuvenated by the quintessence

of the Bhagavad Gita and heed the fervent and loving

explanation of the Lord:

In any way men love me, in the same way they find my love; For

many are the paths of men,but they all in the end come to me.

(Chapter IV, Sloka II)

So, restoring Sainthood to its pristine glory and allowing no

camouflaging, let us take a solemn pledge to do our best

for the regeneration of man.

Let us share with the world what is clear to the Knower of

the Ultimate that God is manifested in all irrespective of the

extraneous coverings of caste, creed and sect.

As Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji said:

“He is in the temple as He in the mosque,

He is in the Hindu worship as He is in the Muslim prayer,

All human beings are (essentially) one though they appear different.

Devtas, demons, Yaksha,

Gandharva(the celestial musicians), the Muslims and the Hindus

are all one but appear different due to influence of different

environments and vestures.

Everyone of them has the same eyes, the same ears,

the same body and the same power to speak;

all of them are made of the same compounded form of the four

elements — Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Thus the Abhek of the Hindus and the Allah of the Muslims are one.

The Koran and the Puranas praise the same Lord.

They are all the same form.

The one Lord made them all.”

(Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji — Akal Ustat — verse 86)



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